Behind the Scenes: Pumpkin Candy Baskets

I took some in progress pictures when I was making the props for the Halloween Challenge, and have decided to start posting them for everyone to see. Eventually the actual shoot will be posted, but admittedly it has been slow goings.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I had these little Styrofoam pumpkins already. I purchased them last year either from the dollar store or Walmart, I cannot recall which.

pumpkin_001Firstly I removed the plastic stem from the pumpkin. As the pumpkin is made of Styrofoam it was a matter of a little tug and the stem pulled right out.pumpkin_002Once the stem was removed I grabbed a Loew-Cornell sculpting tool.pumpkin_003pumpkin_005Using the tool I poked it into the top of the pumpkin creating a circle and dug out the foam that I wanted to remove. It was kind of like carving out a real pumpkin.pumpkin_004Then I grabbed my wire cutter and goggles so I could cut some crafting wire to create basket handles. I always recommend working safely so I do recommend wearing goggle to prevent stray bits of wire from flying into your eyes.pumpkin_006I then cut two lengths of beading wire. Both lengths a little longer than the handles needed to be as this would allow me to bend the wire on the inside of the pumpkin to secure the handle.pumpkin_007I did not want the inside of my pumpkins to be white on the inside so I used an orange Sharpie to color the inside of the pumpkin.pumpkin_008Then to get the wire handles set in I poked holes into the pumpkins with a needle.pumpkin_011I chose my needle based on the width of the crafting wire the I was using. Any sized needle would due, but if a thicker needle would have been used the handle holes would be too big. The pumpkin being made of Styrofoam made it easy to push the needle through.pumpkin_010pumpkin_012With the hole made I pushed the wire through the pumpkin and folded over the wire on the inside using a pair of tweezers. I found using the tweezers made folding the wire easier.pumpkin_013After both sides of the handle were secured I cut off the excess wire with the wire cutter.pumpkin_014The last thing that I did to complete these baskets was to draw little jack-o-lantern faces on them with black Sharpie. In order for the faces not to smear give them a couple of minutes to “dry”.pumpkin_015The end result two pumpkin baskets perfect for dolls to go trick-or-treating with. They can remain empty or small items added so it looks as though they are filled with candy.