Photo Shoot #11: Night Terrors

Hair & Face: Ikazuchi
Producer: B-full
Series: Kantai Collection

Face: Ganaha Hibiki
Producer: Kento Ogawasara, Hidemasa Kiyohara
Series: The Idolm@ster

Body: School Swim Wear Body
Producer: Motoki Inada, Eil
Series: Cu-poche Extra

Outfit: Jersey – Red Version
Series: Cu-poche Cos

This was supposed to be a simple snapshot post, but as I was trying to get a challenge submission I ended up taking several photos that I really liked so it evolved to a Photo Shoot post.

The weekly challenge subject was “Night”. I had just taken a night shot for the previous challenge and I still had the background I could have easily re-used that background for this weeks challenge, but that would be too easy. Still I did not wish to shoot outside, as I always end up with some sort of bad luck when I try to shoot outdoors.

So I did some brainstorming, and decided on a child waking up in the middle of the night and wanting their parents. I had the Cu-poche Cos Jersey that reminded me of pajamas (they kind of remind me of 70’s pajama’s…and I could just see Andy from the Shining wearing this).

I cut myself a small square of navy fabric for the blanket, and dug through my random “toy” drawer and found a Donald Duck Tsun Tusn, the scale seemed pretty close to be used as a stuffed animal.

I believe these pictures capture what I wanted them to. I can just see this figure calling out that she couldn’t sleep.

nightterrors001nightterrors004nightterrors002nightterrors003nightterrors005nightterrors008nightterrors006nightterrors007nightterrors009nightterrors010I think these shots turned out fairly well. I had to stand my camera on an embroidery thread storage box to get this height as my tripod is by far too high.

The Halloween challenge photos are still going to be posted, I just haven’t taken the time to cull through those images yet.