Behind the Scenes: It Feels Like Heaven?

Over the weekend I was able to set up Hell for my photo shoot. I was trying out some stuff with lighting and suspending things in the air. Does my setup allow me to hang props easily? No. To be honest I had to get creative, it required me using yarn, a tripod and tying the yarn to a point on the other side of the set. Then due to the fact that the tripod is too light to hold the weight of what I was hanging I tied it to a point at the other end of the room.

tripod.jpgAs you can see I am a professional, only the finest tools will do when I take pictures.

Alas, I do not have the final results from the shoot ready to post yet, but I expect that they will be ready to post some time this week, I’m aiming for Wednesday.

Now that I have shot Hell it is time for Heaven. I’ve decided to show you a little behind the scenes on the background creation.

Unlike the dark color pallet of Hell, Heaven’s is much lighter. If I used newsprint to make the background multiple coats would be required to be painted on it to cover the print. So I knew using newspaper in this situation would be my last resort.

At first I considered using some of the solid white wrapping paper that I have and painting that, however, I also have a role of paper the same texture of newspaper in the basement with no print on it.

Since I like the way that newspaper paints I cut off a similar sized piece from the roll and painted it.heaven_01After I had finished with the blue, I started painting┬áthe clouds. By the look of the clouds I think that it is quite obvious that I have little experience painting.heaven_02Still I’m making an attempt and can’t help but feel a little like Bob Ross.heaven_03I had been pretty proud of the background I produced for Hell, yet these clouds…maybe not so much. Still, they will do. The fact that I was just making random “cloud shapes” I had to laugh when I could clearly make out a bunny, a slightly funny shaped Enterprise and a Lugia…or is it a Lapris? heaven_04I realize that the background is not fantastic, but its all about how it translates in the actual shoot right? At this point I am trying to remain optimistic.