Behind the Scenes: Hell Under Construction

I am pleased with my progress this weekend. I did not actually think that I would complete the background and ground.background3The flames for the background have been painted and are complete. My prediction of a massive error that would cause me to have to scrap it and start over did not come to fruition. So I cheer.groundThe ground is super simple. It too is made out of newspaper. I had crumpled the paper prior to painting it black, after I started painting I knew that I was flattening the paper as I went. It was fine though, as after I let the paint dry I just re-crumpled the paper. Then I used the folds to guide me as I painted some highlights to the paper to help show the depth.

Now that I have constructed the elements that I could not purchase to bring my vision to life, there is still one final challenge to the shoot.

For this picture I need to have a cage suspended in the air. I do have a cage from the dollar store that will work. That’s a plus, as it means that I don’t have to construct one. However, I do have to achieve some means of hanging it over the scene.

I believe I have a method of doing so, I will try it out tomorrow if time allows.