Behind the Scenes: Getting Things Together

It always seems as though I have big ideas that require props and backgrounds that I just don’t have. This being the case I am left with two options. The first is to forget about my idea and go with something else, the second option is much more time consuming, and can be vexing at times, that option is making the things that I require.

You may remember the figures below from my previous post Snapshot: Exposed.angeldemonPrior to the exposure challenge I had an idea for these two but I could not proceed until I created both a heaven and hell for them to reside in.

This being the case I started on the props for the underworld that I was planning.  Those black blobs are painted paper mâché rocks. It is hard to see, but they are not a solid black I had tried to go with highlights that would look natural, but I suppose subtle doesn’t show up super well on the camera.rocksI then painted on a reddish brown that isn’t so outlandish that it looks wrong. I think it’s noticeable but doesn’t look wrong. The rocks might be done at this point, but you never know I may make a few more alterations.rocks2Then there is the actual background. I usually utilize scrapbook paper for this, but looking through the paper that I have at home I could not find anything that screamed heaven or hell. In the past I would head over to Walmart and pick up what I needed, but their craft section has shrunk to the extent that they have nothing that wows anymore, and there are no other options for obtaining scrapbook paper in town.

Time to work with what I do have.

I took a page from the newspaper and painted it black. I started adding hints of reddish brown to it. backgroundbackground2The background is not completed yet, I plan on adding hints of red, orange and white to this yet. It’s a little scary as I don’t paint and I’m just figuring this out as I go along.

Knowing my luck I will get to the last part and somehow mess the entire piece up.

This post is nothing exciting, but I wanted to give you an update as to what I have been up to. I will try to keep posting weekly “snapshots” but I am working on larger projects behind the scenes.