Snapshot: The Theme is Water

I don’t know how many of my dear readers know that I have been stricken with a plague, but for those who do not, I have been battling this thing for weeks. My cough has yet to leave me, and I just feel awful  and not awfully good either. Ha! This being the case the 5 degree Celsius weather and the light rain that decided to grace my life did nothing to encourage me to go outside to shoot this picture.


Still I went to take this shot. I had just received my Cu-Poche Rainy Day Set that day and as it’s super cute I felt inspired to do take a picture with it. So I made my way outdoors my Contigo under my arm, and props, camera and tripod in hand… a difficult feat I assure you.

First issue that I discovered was that my tripod is way too tall so it was in essence useless.

Second issue, wind. Wind is both mine and Cu-poche’s enemy. These figures are relatively light and one small gust of wind will knock them over in a second.

I overcame the tripod issue by setting the Contigo onto its side and used it to steady the shot.

Nature seemed to be kind from time to time and I lucked out for a short span of time and my figure was able to stand without being blown over for this period.

The end result below, enjoy.