Photo Shoot #5: Night of Illuminating Blossoms

Figures/Parts Used:

Figure: Belle
Producer: Kento Ogasawara
Series: Cu-poche Friends

Hannari Set (Peach)
Producer: Yoshihiro Nishimaru
Series: Cu-Poche Extra

Once I saw the Hannari Set I knew it would be perfect with the Danson Decor LED Tree that I had picked up last year after Christmas. The scale of the tree worked fairly well with Cu-poche and it was reminiscent of a sakura tree. That idea in mind I knew I needed more. So of course the most vexing fulfilling part of any photo shoot took place, the creation of scale props.

The set itself is not overly complex so it should not have been that arduous a task, and when I get to the end you will find the most simple of items proved to be the greatest challenge.

I figured that I’d like to try my hand at building a bench. I’ve sat in many in my life. In fact if you played Maplestory many many years ago and frequented Broa you might have seen me “benching” it and spreading financial wisdom to players begging on the streets of Lith Harbor. This being said, I decided constructing one out of wooden coffee stir sticks would not be too difficult. After cutting them to size, painting them, and gluing the works together I realized something…

The poor bench did not have legs!

Somehow, in my mind the most memorable part of benches is the seat. They might as well be suspended by mystical energies, or perhaps hover in place with the super powers of Science! Regardless I had no legs to place the seat upon. In order to create a solid surface I chose to make the legs out of cardboard. By the time the legs were built and I was ready to paint them, the faucet on the sink that I would use for cleanup was being replaced. This pushed my timeline back slightly, and by the end I just Sharpied the cardboard black and all was well.

Next prop, the fence. This should be easy. I made the simple decision to go with stone as opposed to wood, and while I am not an engineer nor am I an architect I was fairly certain that the construction of a small scale stone fence should be a relatively easy task. I built the foundation out of cardboard, painted its surface grey, and decided to brave the outdoors to gather stones and glue gun them to the cardboard. I ran out of stones and decided to finish the next day.

But wait!

When I returned home from work the area where I was going to gather these stones was unreachable, as a beast of a lawnmower was keeping guard of it’s treasured stone. So I was left to wait for it to wander off so I could gather my booty. Once I had done so and these stones were glue gunned onto the remainder of the front, sides and top of the fence I breathed a sigh of relief. I just had enough. Once the glue was dry I stood the fence up on my desk.

It promptly fell over.

It seemed as though I miscalculated. The fence was too front heavy as the back held no stones. This meant, another gathering mission. Let’s just say I was no longer picky as to what type of stones I managed to get, no one would see it after all. I glued these onto the other side and the problem was solved.

These trials and tribulations would have to end after this right? Wrong. The worst was yet to come.

The background.

It should be simple. It’s just a black background.

I usually use scrapbook paper for my backgrounds, but I only had two 10″ x 10″ sheets of solid black paper. Once the tree was put into the scene, that took up the majority of the space. So I needed to go to the store to pick up some more scrapbook paper, simple right?


Driving my scooter to town I checked Dollarama.


I checked Walmart.


There was no scrap of black paper to be found.

Construction paper looks cheap and was out of the question. The only thing that I found was poster board. This is not ideal to take home on a scooter.

Ever the creative sort I decided that a rubber band would resolve any potential safety hazards that I might encounter taking the giant paper home. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to obtain from the cashier. I would have been happy with some receipt paper and tape…they didn’t have that either. Eventually I got the rubber band. The key here people, is persistence.

Sure I made the bushes too. Their construction was simple and quick, simply pulling them off of fake flower stems from the dollar store. Of course, maybe I thought that if I bent the wires of the now bare stem it would be funny to wear as a hat…I poked myself in the eye doing this… but the creation the bushes was easy so that’s good right? I can still see so no damage done.

That is my story, I hope that you agree that all the hardships that I faced were worth it for the end result.


Next Shoot/Project: Unknown at this time

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