Photo Shoot #3: Idol-A Dress Rehersal

Figures/Parts Used:

Body & Face
Producer: Kei Tanaka
Series: The Idolm@ster
Figure: Yukiho Hagiwara

Series: Cu-Poche Extra
Figure: Anne

This shoot was started on a whim. I was watching Bones and had a Jimmy Neutronesque Brain Blast. As I have a Cu-Poche from The Idolm@ster I figured I needed to do a concert themed photo shoot. I had nothing prepared, but I did have a projection light from Walmart that I had purchased last summer with the intention of using it for an Ever After High doll shoot.

Truth be told the intention was just to see how the pictures would turn out.  To see if the projection light would do what I wanted it to, or if it would turn out to be a bust. So I up my scene on the floor, turned off the light and turned on the projector light.The light seemed to look good to the naked eye, and it looked okay on camera from what I could tell.

This being the case I took several shots, and may have had to hang the projection light on my big toe to get a couple of shots.

I hope you enjoy the dress rehearsal of the hottest new musical act Idol-A.Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-001Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-005Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-003Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-004.jpgIdol-A-Dress-Rehersal-011Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-007Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-008Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-009Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-002Idol-A-Dress-Rehersal-010Be certain to keep an eye out for Idol-A’s first concert coming soon.

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