Photo Shoot #2: Belle and Booze

I think that perhaps this post would have been better titled Boozing with Belle.

When I first thought to make that kiddie pool from Tutorial 1, I had envisioned Belle sitting on the front steps of her house with the pool in front of her. Then I made front steps out of cardboard. I noticed two things when I did this.

  1. The scale was off. I had made the steps too big.
  2. Cu-Poche’s have rather heavy heads and she kind of toppled off of them… more than once.

This being the case I revamped the steps. I got out my trusty scissor and cut it apart and made the log. Is it a log? I don’t really know what I was going for with that… in the background of the picture. Maybe it’s a backless bench? Whatever it is I made it.

The Cu-Poche parts used here are from Belles’ extra head/hair set, Anne’s extra head/hair set and the swimwear body.


You may notice the water in the pool change slightly throughout the shoot.  At first it is a blue ribbon made of thin sheer fabric, underneath is a wad of cotton batting.


It looks a little foamy. Kind of like a hot tub.


When she was actually in the pool I couldn’t really maintain the look so thank you Photoshop. Perhaps not the most realistic I figure it’ll do.

I figure I will let the rest of the photo’s speak for themselves.


While I did not utilize the pool exactly how I had seen it in my head, I believe the shoot was relatively successful. If nothing else I had a few good chuckles, and I learned it would be necessary to take this into account in the future.

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