Photo Shoot #1: Let’s Battle

Once upon a time I had thought that I would set up an Ever After High doll photo shoot where the girls would be playing Duel Monsters. This shoot never did come to fruition. This being the case when I received the Dark Magician Girl Cu-Poche I thought it would be nifty to swap her head for Anne’s and have Anne cosplaying as the Dark Magician Girl while dueling.

lets-battle-001Dolls Used for the Shoot:
1. Cu-Poche Friends Anne – The head
2. Cu-Poche #22: Dark Magician Girl Ver. 1.5 – The Body
3. CuPoche #8 Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko lets-battle-002You may be able to catch the fact that in Anne’s hand there are only Dark Magician Girl cards, if not, now you know.lets-battle-003I think that Sylvanian Families furniture is used more often than not in photos with this scale of figure. I suppose I am not as original as I’d like to be on this point.  lets-battle-004The plants were made by yours truly, and I did put together the tiny cards.lets-battle-005These photos were originally posted on my old Tumblr, but they were from my first “real” photo shoot for Cu-Poche so I thought that they should be my inaugural post.

Stay tuned for:

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